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Murray Altheim (
Wed, 26 Apr 1995 17:38:19 +0500

>Is there a utility to strip away HTML tags. Yes I know, WHY? I've been task
>to do such a thing at work. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
>Robert Mesa
>San Jose, CA


If you're working on a Macintosh, HTML.edit will strip away tags as well as
convert entities. I will have 1.7a available soon, which includes support
for forms and tables. Availability info below:

#### Description ****

HTML.edit Version 1.6 (beta 3)
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All Rights Reserved.
The author retains all intellectual property rights to this product
and its documentation.

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#### Availability ****

Information on current versions and information on downloading is
available at


or you can download it directly from

Please email any comments or problems you find with this version to
the author at:

Murray Altheim
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Wheeling, West Virginia 26003

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