Re: HTML3 and FIG

Kjetil Torgrim Homme (
Wed, 26 Apr 1995 13:08:40 +0500

[Dave Raggett]

| FIG is a peer of <P> and <UL> etc. and as such terminates a
| preceding paragraph. If you want to start an image in the middle
| of the paragraph and have the rest of the paragraph flow around it
| you should use IMG with ALIGN = left or right, as per Netscape.

But <IMG> can't have captions. Shouldn't <IMG> be phased out in favour
of the more general <FIG>? I think letting <IMG> have functionality
<FIG> lacks is a "design bug".

Note: the browser should feel free to relocate the <FIG> to the end or
beginning of the (enclosing) paragraph if flowing the text around it
is not feasible/appropriate, much the same way figures in books float
around. For <FIG>'s less than half the screen width, _I_ would prefer
it if the browser put it in the middle of the stream of text.

Kjetil T.