Sat, 22 Apr 1995 20:13:06 +0500

Is there some way to have a figure that crosses multiple lines and has text
flowing around it, but is positioned at the point of the <FIG> tag in the
text? I would have thought that this would be the definition of justify
instead of stretching the figure.

It seems that a multi-line figure with text flowing around it can only be at
the left or right. Why can't multi-line figures be placed as they are
encountered? This is the way Windows help works for example.

>From the HTML3 DTD...
Tables and figures can be aligned in several ways:

bleedleft flush left with the left (window) border
left flush left with the left text margin
center centered (text flow is disabled for this mode)
right flush right with the right text margin
bleedright flush right with the right (window) border
justify when applicable the table/figure should stretch
to fill space between the text margins

Note: text will flow around the table or figure if the browser
judges there is enough room and the alignment is not centered
or justified. The table or figure may itself be part of of the
text flow around some earlier figure. You can in this case use
the clear or needs attributes to move the new table or figure
down the page beyond the obstructing earlier figure. Similarly,
you can use the clear or needs attributes with other elements
such as headers and lists to move them further down the page.

Jon Smirl,