Re: Seriffed and sans-serif fonts?

James Clark (
Tue, 25 Apr 1995 04:34:46 +0500

> Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 23:40:35 +0500
> From: Brian Behlendorf <>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Who's working on the DSSSL Lite proposal?

The same people who are working on DSSSL -- me, amongst others.

The main focus of the work on DSSSL Lite has been to refine the DSSSL
standard to the point where DSSSL Lite can be a relatively thin layer
on top of DSSSL and a DSSSL Lite implementation can be a conforming
DSSSL implementation. This has required two types of changes to

- changes to make the desired-functionality/
required-implementation-effort curve smoother

- changes to support online presentation better

> The "experimental
> style sheets" link off of Arena's home page is giving me a 403 error....

For information about DSSSL Lite try:

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to update that to reflect the most
recent set of changes to DSSSL.

James Clark