Seriffed and sans-serif fonts?

Philippe-Andre Prindeville (
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 12:46:48 +0500

I've been thinking about another HTML related issue in a project
we are working on here... We need to control whether some text
(which is heavily annotated) is rendered in seriffed or sans-serif
fonts. Why? Simple.

Examples of usage of text and idioms are given in seriffed fonts.

Comments on the utilisation and the parts of speech, ie. the
annotation itself, needs to be rendered in a sans-serif font.
It doesn't really matter which: universe, avant-garde, helvetica,
geneva, etc.

So, we have the notions of "text" and "meta-text", ie. text on
the text itself. Bold and italic aren't sufficient for denoting
the difference. The meta-text itself can in turn be <strong> or

Can we introduce a new mechanism? <ss> (for sans-serif)?