Re: Seriffed and sans-serif fonts?

Brooke Smith (
Fri, 21 Apr 1995 23:22:27 +0500


With this talk of liking to have certain fonts, might it be good to
have customisable browsers, where the user can provide certain tags
to indicate that the enclosed text is to be drawn with font X1, where
they can define X1 to be font:sanserif size 12pt. The author can
specify the intended font/s by passing that information in the
'html resource header' (idea defined especially for this purpose).

THis customisation could extend further with the user/author being
able to define anything, such as H1 should be an XG7......
This is not saying that the user and author must set up this
information before they can use this browser, but that they have the
option of customisation.

I'm actually working on customisation of html documents, at the server
before it ever reaches the browser, but this type of thing just
described fits in well - it would make my job alot easier.


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