Re: your mail
Tue, 18 Apr 95 03:47:39 PDT

>Has anybody an idea how to try our imagmaps, without having a Web-Server
>installed. I'm just about to learn, how to write html and created some
>imagemaps, that I'd like to have a look at. Is it posible tu run a
>HTTP-Server on a Mac, having only an Slip account, or do I need a direct
>connection to run it? I've tried to run MacHTTP, and it also sayed, that
>it was runing, but I didn't menage to connect to it using netscape.

You need to identify the ip number you were given when you connected via
slip. It'w written in the slip control panel. After that, you connect to


and you get the default.html file in your macHTTP directory. (unless you
have configured it otherwise.)

Don't forget to get WebStat.


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