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This is a religious issue.

Accepting that HTML is an application of SGML,
the <P> denotes the beginning of a paragraph container.
The </P> is not required, due to the application
of SGML minimization techniques in the DTD.

Historically, the <P> tag was used as a paragraph separator.
That was before the Dan Connolly and the HTML Working Group
came along and started writing a DTD and an official spec.

It is fruitless to debate which P.O.V. is "correct".
If you want your HTML to be valid SGML, think container.
If you don't care about SGML, or you want to discuss
this with someone who doesn't care about SGML, think separator.

If "proper" means "conforms", then the 1st form below is "proper".


> Please excuse my ignorance, but I'd like clarification
> on the "<P>" element. Does this tag denote an _end_ of
> paragraph mark or a _begining/new_ paragraph mark? In
> other words, which of the following should appear in a
> proper HTML document?
> <P>This is a paragraph.
> or
> This is a paragraph<P>
> Thanks!
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