Re: NCSA Mosaic not freeware

Joerg Rhiemeier (
Wed, 12 Apr 1995 13:54:43 +0500

Thomas Mohr <> wrote:


>This is interesting. As far as I know, NCSA does not consider
>NCSA Mosaic code as free (they have signed a contract with

Actually, the situation has become MUCH worse than that: Spyglass have sold
the code to MICRO$OFT. Guess what they'll do about NCSA Mosaic as soon as
they have MS Mosaic out! Currently, NCSA shells out betas for evaluation
purposes (as Netscape does), but I assume that MS will stomp that out VERY

The last free version of NCSA Mosaic was 2.4, which was released before
they sold their code to Spyglass. There are some improved versions coming
from places like Tuebingen University which are based on NCSA Mosaic 2.4,
but I fear Micro$oft's law department will find a way to illegalize these
versions as well.

OK, let's talk about HTML again.

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