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lilley (lilley@afs.mcc.ac.uk)
Tue, 11 Apr 1995 11:41:29 +0500

Gregg Stephan writes:

> >Lindsay Davies wrote:

> >>Firstly, ensure that your gif files are suffixed '.gif' - note that is
> >>lowercase.

> Sorry if this is a silly question...
> Photoshop 3.0 on a Mac (and, i think, GifConverter) automatically add .GIF
> (all uppercase) to my gifs, so I figured that was the way the world "wants"
> them. I recently changed all my html doc's to match (from .gif to .GIF). Are
> you saying I need to change everything to lower case? What about .JPEG .jpeg
> .JPG and .jpg? Is there a FAQ or other reference to such "standards?"

It is not a case of being a standard, just a case of two things being distinct.
foo.GIF is different to foo.GIF and foo.GiF

In the unix world, there is no resource fork; the operating system does not
know what sort of file something is, or what created it. The convention
has grown up that a few letters following a dot are used to give some clue
about the file.


a) you need to be consistent - if your link in the HTML files says
bar.GIF, the corresponding image must be called bar.GIF not bar.gif

b) The exact case you use is up to you, it makes no difference at all.
It is probably easier to have all your file extensions use the same
case, but not essential

c) You must inform the server what file extensions you are using, so it can
send the files out with the correct MIME types. The MIME type is how the
server says, in a platform-independent way, `this is a gif'

d) If your server is set up to send all .gif files out as the MIME
type image/gif, and you want .GIF files sent out as MIME type
image/gif as well, that is fine. On the NCSA server you edit mime.types,
in the CERN server you put an AddType line into httpd.conf

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