Re: image names and such

Paul Williams (
Tue, 11 Apr 1995 03:55:56 +0500

>Sorry if this is a silly question...

The only silly question is the one not asked.. =)

>Photoshop 3.0 on a Mac (and, i think, GifConverter) automatically add .GIF
>(all uppercase) to my gifs, so I figured that was the way the world "wants"
>them. I recently changed all my html doc's to match (from .gif to .GIF). Are
>you saying I need to change everything to lower case? What about .JPEG .jpeg
>.JPG and .jpg? Is there a FAQ or other reference to such "standards?"

I don't think that filenams are really 'standards' per se.

>I already upload everything to my UNIX host binary (not Mac), and they seem
>to work on everyone's platforms (that I know of...). But, where would I grab
>the new FileBuddy 3.0?

uppercase/lowercase really dosn't matter to the system that's using them,
unless it's a case-sensative environment. if your filename is .GIF then
make sure it's uppercase in the document... if it's .gif make sure it's
lowercase in the document.. everything else (including case) is handled by
the browser at the time the document is translated. Most of them have a
built-in case-handling system. -------------------------------+----------------------+
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