What in the world happened to this list?

Sun, 9 Apr 95 13:25:23 PDT

Lindsay Davies wrote:

>This is a problem that comes up quite regularly.
>Firstly, ensure that your gif files are suffixed '.gif' - note that is
>lowercase. Then make sure that all references to the gifs in your HTML docs
>are case-accurate, unix servers reference files in a case sensitive manner,
>machttp doesn't.
>The actual uploading I do using Fetch's raw data setting. This doesn't
>munge with the filename or anything, nor encodes the data in any
>mac-specific format. (You might want to remove the resource fork first,
>using something like RFZap, but I think this is ignored anyway by Fetch).

Better still, grab the new FileBuddy 3.0, which will strip the resource
fork (although again, Fetch doesn't seem to care about this) AND
bulk-change the filename extensions.

- John Maxwell

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