Re: Writing a GREAT HTML editor!

James HG Redekop (
Fri, 7 Apr 1995 14:45:57 +0500

> Adam Thodey <> spake thus:
> > Make it a WYMIWYG type program (What you MEAN is what you get!!) :)
> There I agree. I'd say, start with SGML validation. Look at James Clark's
> SGML parser (nsgmls) for a start.

I took a course in structured documentation this year, and one of the speakers
on SGML had a great term for the kind of editor they used. Not "What You
See is What You Get", since what you get depends on the fonts/window size/
includes/excludes that the user was useing. Rather, it was "What You See is
No Surprise".

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