Re: Writing a GREAT HTML editor!

Gregg Stephan (
Mon, 10 Apr 1995 23:06:37 +0500

<some great ideas snipped>
> There is one feature I could really use: A user-definable menu of HTML to
> be inserted into documents.
> For example, my WWW Guide to the Residents consists of about 150 HTML pages,
> 200 GIFs, and 15 icons. It would be very handy if, when I want to create a
> link to the lyrics for a song (which shows up on the pages by a lyrics icon
> next to the song name), instead of having to type...
> <A HREF="../lyrics/constantinople.html"><IMG SRC="../icons/lyrics.gif"
> ALT="[Lyrics]"></A>
> ...I could just go up to a menu and select "Lyrics Icon", then type
> "constantinople" at a prompt.

I've been using WebWeaver 2.5 (formerly HTML SuperText) for the Mac and it
has a "create custom tags" option that allows me to add new tags or tags
with info (its basically a macro). IMO, This should be in all HTML editors.

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