Regarding: LET ME OUT type messages, and building a better Web

Ray Doeksen (
Sat, 18 Mar 1995 12:29:39 +0500


* Almost all the traffic here has been either offtopic, newbie, or techie
talk that belongs in e-mail, very little has been sustantitive 'building'

* While I feel compelled to stay tuned, the mail has on occassion, been
overwhelming my ability to get work done.

* I feel that I should stay on the list, yet not have to read all of it
interspersed with my normal mail, rather to refer to the list when time
allows and filter out bozo messages.

I'd like to see more of the experts here putting their thoughts down in
HyperText and simply referring to that, and better sites being built for
reference purposes.

I also propose that here on this list we have more people with more
motivation than most lists for a special bozolist/killfile/filter SIG.
Heck, we could start our own newsgroup just based on the angry messages.

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