Re: Will you please explain?

Jonathan L Neuenschwander (
Sat, 18 Mar 1995 06:28:35 +0500

> Dear Phillip,
> Could you please tell me what the angry message is about? I
> subscribed to this newsgroup last night at 1:00 a.m. and I haven't posted

Please Note:
I'm quoting Mike here, but I'm directing my comments to the list, not just
Mike, due to the confusion expressed by several people.

Allow me to briefly reconstruct the events -- and I apologize in advance for
all the caps I'll be using, but several points need to be emphasized;

1.) The announcement of a new commercial server was posted to this listserv.
This listserv is not the proper place for such announcements.

2.) Due to that violation, Phillip wrote a note to the author of the
announcement. That is the message that Mike refers to above. Phillip
his mailer made an error and sent the message to the list. That's why
Mike and everyone else on this list saw that message.

3.) After a few people expressed confusion, Phillip posted another message
explaining and apologizing for the above -- that the message he intended
to go ONLY to the author of the announcement instead went to EVERYONE on
the list.

4.) The author of the announcement posted a message stating that he had made
an error in posting the announcement to this list, he had intended to
post to the list www-announce and mistakenly posted to this one instead.
He made what I personally believe to be a sincere apology for the error.
I'm not perfect, and therefore I don't expect others to be.

Hopefully, that's the end of the story. Mistakes were made and apologized for,
let's move on.

One other very important note, and I can't emphasize this enough:

(Unless of course, you're mentioned by name in the message. :-)

A message sent to this listserv goes to EVERY PERSON on this listserv. As I
pointed out in my abridged list of events above, Phillip's message was seen
by EVERYONE on this mailing list.

Think of it thisway, you're walking in a shopping mall and hear an announcement
on the public address system that the owner of a red Ford Mustang, Indiana
liscense plate 79A1234, needs to move their vehicle immediately as it's
improperly parked. Unless you own a red Ford Mustang with the Indiana liscense
plate 79A1234 on it, there's no need for you to run out to the parking lot
and check to see if your car is properly parked.

Okay, so that wasn't the greatest analogy. What do you expect at 6am from
someone who should of gone home to bed 3 hours ago? :-)

Hope this has helped to make things a little clearer,

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