Re: HTML3 <OL inherit> gone for good?

Lou Montulli (
Fri, 10 Mar 1995 22:22:20 +0500

On Mar 10, 3:47pm, Steinar Bang wrote:
> Subject: Re: HTML3 <OL inherit> gone for good?
> > Hmm, does that mean that all HTML 3.0 browsers have to implement
> > style sheets?
> I due course all Web browsers will have to implement style
> sheets. There's simply no way around it. In due course all web
> browsers will have to implement a way a scheme that will let users
> define new file formats. Simply no way around it.

I don't necessarily agree with that statement. There are significant
problems with stylesheets and network delivery that may delay the
implementation of stylesheets indefinately. Stylesheets should
in no way be relied upon as the only method of rendering hints or
assumed to exist before they actually do. The smart approach is
to move forward with BOTH the stylesheets proposal and continue
to add rendering hints directly into HTML as tags and attributes.
Having both methods will allow the public to use whichever
method best suits their needs and will lead to the best of both worlds.

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