Re: Browsers and syntax errors (Was: Captions for Figures...

Tim Pierce (
Fri, 10 Mar 1995 21:47:57 +0500

Jim Hurley said:

> Steinar Bang <>:
> >Making browsers forgiving about HTML syntax errors, instead of giving
> >good user feedback, is probably the gravest error committed by the
> >browser writers.
> I think I disagree. It follows from the network pricipal of being
> liberally in what ones accepts and cautious in what one sends.

Thus, the server should not be as laissez-faire as modern
servers are about serving broken HTML.

> If casual users where made aware of every problem in the document and
> every glitch in the network that occurred while viewing, the Web might
> not be the success story it is. Not many people really care that
> much about these things.

You're right that few people care about this. That's part
of why I question your assertion that the Web is a success
story. Maybe it is in terms of making the Internet look
like a fun 'n' fancy tool for the unwashed masses, but I
hesitate to call that "success."

> Individual homepages are not necessarily the best examples to pick on
> when it comes to sloppy or abusive markup, professional people
> are sometimes even more abusive when they try to make HTML a
> publishing tool and spend all their time achieving the right look and
> forgetting that they should be providing information.

Enthusiastically agreed.