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Murray Altheim (
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 18:20:38 +0500

>I also left out URN, feeling that none of these attributes have seen
>widespread useage over the last few years, so perhaps they are just
>cluttering up the standard for little real benefit.
>(They are still in the DTD - so I need to get the explanation
> and DTD into sync again).
>Comments please.
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Out of lurk mode for a moment...
(city/job change, new baby, etc. has kept me quiet for awhile)


I don't know if you remember my earlier note regarding a NASA Technology
Inventory database I'm working on, but one of the design goals was a
distributed server system with records being sent via http for record

I'm still planning to use HTML tables as a data transmission format for
transmitting database information over the net. As I would desire that
value lists (ie., lookup tables) for various codes be available to the
document, I had planned on using URLs, hopefully graduating to URNs as
they became more utilized. The idea of having an organization like ISO
publish standardized code values would be a welcome standardization
for database developers, and URNs or URIs would seem to be a necessary
component for this to work effectively, especially as code lookups could
conceivably be done live.

For an example on a simplistic scale, the list of 50 states would be


or something like that, eventually replaced with an equivalent URI/URN.
We may be still years away from seeing this become an issue, but it
wouldn't hurt as data systems become more and more decentralized to keep
the universals in mind.

Just a few thoughts...


BTW, I've been thinking on writing up my "extensions" to HTML tables as
an IETF draft. They aren't a radical shift, just the addition of some
database-type parameters and proposed overall structure for data storage.
Would you be interested in looking over it before it is submitted? Also,
I am not a formal member of the IETF, so I'm a little unsure as to protocol.

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