Re: HTML3 Tables
Tue, 7 Mar 1995 17:03:47 +0500 asked

> Has consideration been given to per cell border control in tables? For
> example I would like to visually achieve groupings over a variable number of
> rows (SQL GROUP BY) or I might want to call attention to a specific cell.

We (SoftQuad) have a content model for this that's in the public domain,
and has also been published as an ISO standard. HoTMetaL uses it. It's
actually a superset of the NCSA Mosaic tables, except that the overall
table border attribute isn't supported by HoTMetaL (we may add it).

This DTD fragment can be converted to Braille automatically.

You can specify spanned entries (horizontal & vertical), row & column
separaters (solid bar, double bar, none, space, etc), and column/cell
justification (left/right/centre) and row/cell justification (top/middle/

You can also specify relative column widths.


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