Re: teach yourself HTML

Laura Lemay, Killer of Trees (
Sat, 4 Mar 1995 16:07:59 +0500

>This looks like a job for an CGI script. Laura Lemay wrote a book called
>WEB publishing with HTML. It contains a chapter about writing CGI scripts
>(with are basicly very simple) for processing the mailto: statement.
>Below some text in with she tells (to the author of TIDBITS) where she
>found the information on HTML on the internet

I knew that article would come back to haunt me. :) And it was actually
written for the Macmillan Publications Newsletter, not for TIDBITS.

Anyway, the book is actually called (deep breath) "Teach Yourself Web
Publishing with HTML in a Week", and there's lots of information about it, including the table of contents and a sample chapter, at