Re: Text offset around images

Richard L. Goerwitz (
Sat, 17 Dec 94 00:17:04 CST

>Maybe I'll be chided for saying this on this list. But for the time
>being, we aren't ready to do much that works well with Netscape but
>falls flat with NCSA Mosaic.

I always start with NCSA Mosaic. If it looks terrible somewhere
else, I may modify it. But I figure that it has to 1) work with
Mosaic, and 2) make it through the HaLsoft HTML validation service's
parser. It doesn't make sense to standardize on an idiosyncratic
commercial product whose source code we cannot even look at, still
less modify. Netscape is great to use, but not as the basis for
designing HTML pages.

-Richard L. Goerwitz goer%midway@uchicago.bitnet