Re: Text offset around images

Bruce Siceloff (
Sat, 17 Dec 1994 00:03:55 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 14 Dec 1994, Stephen Kimber wrote:

> When I create a graphic image and align it on the left so that text will
> run around the right side of the image, the text runs flush up to the
> right-hand edge of the image. Is there any way to create a runaround in
> html? There are some images on my home page
> ( that will show you what I
> mean.
> Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.


That's funny. When I opened your page on Netscape .96 (windows) the
wrapped type looked just fine. Text was not flush up to the right edge of
your photo. Rather, there was a left margin wider than the U in

I admire these and some other Netscape attributes. I'm too busy putting
news on the Web page, though (OK this is my excuse anyway) to stay current
on questions such as which of these qualities are Netscape eccentricities
and which are becoming HTML standard. Maybe I'll be chided for saying
this on this list. But for the time being, we aren't ready to do much that
works well with Netscape but falls flat with NCSA Mosaic. What do you
think? Has NCSA become the Web's Beta VCR has-been, and has Netscape's
VHS become the standard?

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