Re: Figures and HSPACE and VSPACE

Dave Raggett (
Mon, 12 Dec 94 17:33:36 GMT

Michael Johnson writes:

> When HSPACE or VSPACE are specified, are they included in the total
> effective width or height of the figure? For example, if I have a figure
> which is aligned left and has an hspace of one em, does the image align with
> the left margin, or is it padded out by one hspace? Similarly, if a figure
> has a vspace of one em, does it get shoved down by an extra em, or does that
> only affect how close stuff comes to the bottom of the figure?

These questions are helpful to me for writing the Internet Draft for 3.0.
In this case, the idea is that HSPACE and VSPACE provide whitespace margins.
So normally you would see a margin of HSPACE on either side of the figure.
If the figure is left aligned, then it seems reasonable to me to do so, and
only place the HSPACE on the right handside.

The VSPACE attribute specifies the leading preceding and following the figure.
I thing we should use the same conventions as for leading above and below
headers and paragraphs etc. That is, to set the vertical spacing to the
maximum of the leading following the previous element, and the leading
preceding the current one.

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