Re: Figures and HSPACE and VSPACE

Paul Topping (
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 08:48:28 -0800

Dave Raggett writes:

>Michael Johnson writes:
>> When HSPACE or VSPACE are specified, are they included in the total
>> effective width or height of the figure? For example, if I have a figure
>> which is aligned left and has an hspace of one em, does the image align with
>> the left margin, or is it padded out by one hspace? Similarly, if a figure
>> has a vspace of one em, does it get shoved down by an extra em, or does that
>> only affect how close stuff comes to the bottom of the figure?
>The VSPACE attribute specifies the leading preceding and following the figure.
>I thing we should use the same conventions as for leading above and below
>headers and paragraphs etc. That is, to set the vertical spacing to the
>maximum of the leading following the previous element, and the leading
>preceding the current one.

So how would you drop a figure down so the bottom is some distance from the
baseline of the surrounding text? I would like to be able to include images
representing inline equations as a stopgap measure until we get our
equation editor to read/write HTML math.

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