Re: More HTML3 DTD

Michael Johnson (
Fri, 02 Dec 94 10:25:47 EST

Murray Maloney writes:
>Shouldn't be so hard. Each new row separator in IBM BookMaster
>can infer a </TR> in HTML.

Actually, it's easier than that, since an HTML3 browser is supposed to tolerate
a missing leading <TR> in a table, and Bookie doesn't require a trailing
row separator to close a table.

However, I have a personal bias toward keeping things REALLY simple, or at the
very least trying to keep them elegant (which is, of course, totally
subjective). This is probably why I generally object to ideas that add to the
complexity of something. Sooner or later, complexity bites you in the ass.

And I dislike kludges.

Michael Johnson
Relay Technology, Inc.