Re: Re[4]: Some HTML 3.0 suggestions

Michael Johnson (
Thu, 03 Nov 94 07:34:39 EST

>The primary reason to create a new tag rather than use <FOOTNOTE> and/or
><MARGIN> is to keep the symantic meanings intact. A definition is not
>neccessarily a footnote. I can imagine a browser which displays (or
>at least prints) footnotes as real footnotes and definitions in a glossary
>at the end of the document.

Ah, well in that case perhaps what you should be contemplating is creating
a glossary document and then adding a <LINK> to your regular document, along
the lines of:

<LINK href="my-glossary-document" rel="UseGlossary">

An HTML3 browser is supposed to use this to try to resolve glossary queries
in the document. The reader makes glossary queries by, for example, double
clicking on a word, or selecting a word with a pointer drag and then applying
a glossary action from a pulldown menu to the selected word.

You could then use the <DFN> tag to semantically mark the words that actually
appear in the glossary, so that the reader would know which words a glossary
query would succeed for.

Michael Johnson
Relay Technology, Inc.