Re[4]: Some HTML 3.0 suggestions

Ron Currier (
Wed, 2 Nov 1994 13:32:48 -0700 (EST) (Michael Johnson) wrote:
> Actually, that doesn't seem to be too bad. The <IMG> tag sets a similar
> precedent. Perhaps <FOOTNOTE> and <MARGIN> could be enhanced to add the
> SRC attribute and a MARKER attribute to allow the writer to specify a graphic
> or textual marker to be placed in the document marking the note.
> I suspect that creating a new <DEFINITION> tag when you could simply use a
> footnote or margin note might be overkill, however.

The primary reason to create a new tag rather than use <FOOTNOTE> and/or
<MARGIN> is to keep the symantic meanings intact. A definition is not
neccessarily a footnote. I can imagine a browser which displays (or
at least prints) footnotes as real footnotes and definitions in a glossary
at the end of the document.

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