Re: Do you have a draft of the HTML spec? (fwd)

Earl Hood (
Thu, 11 Aug 94 12:24:13 CDT

> Hello,
> We got your mail address from Daniel Connolly as a possible source for
> information/documentation on HTML (Please see message below). What we
> would really like to get is a "online" tutorial which could be downloaded
> to a workstation which will be running Mosaic/httpd, but not connected to
> a network. If one can not be downloaded, is there one which is available
> for Mosaic access over the internet? We would certainly be happy with
> any hardcopy if it is available.

I've been updating my documentation for HTML 2.0 (via dtd2html) as
specified by Connolly's spec. I was hoping to get a quick-reference
doc written before I made things publicly available, but I can
make what I have done available if there is interest.

I'll send out a message with the URL pointing to what I got when
it is ready.