Re: Do you have a draft of the HTML spec? (fwd)

Steve Dutton (
Thu, 11 Aug 94 10:26:29 EDT

We got your mail address from Daniel Connolly as a possible source for
information/documentation on HTML (Please see message below). What we
would really like to get is a "online" tutorial which could be downloaded
to a workstation which will be running Mosaic/httpd, but not connected to
a network. If one can not be downloaded, is there one which is available
for Mosaic access over the internet? We would certainly be happy with
any hardcopy if it is available.
Thanks for your help,
Steve Dutton
(703) 204-2509

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> >Mr(s). Connolly,
> > Do you, by chance, have a draft of the specification for the
> >HTML3/HTML+? I understand that your initial proposal is out of date, and
> >I could really use the most recent draft.
> Where did you folks get my email address? Did they not also give you a
> pointer to my web?
> Yes, I do have the current spec. It's at:
> where it has been for some months.
> The postscript version is out of date. None of this is available via
> ftp or mail from me. Some folks on do that, so
> you might ask them.
> I was allocated two weeks of scheduled work time to work on this
> document, and those two weeks are over. So my work on this document is
> now on my own time. At the IETF meeting in toronto, noone else
> volunteered to edit the document.
> So progress will come slowly, if at all.
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