how about EFFECT="none"?

nicholas shectman (
Thu, 4 Aug 94 00:16:53 EDT

first, an intro: i don't actually receive this list in mail,
but i do keep up with the hypertext archives. i run the www
server at and a web-based TinyMUD at
"". In my work on htMUD,
i've come to the conclusion that a couple of simple
enhancements to HTML would be very useful indeed.

The first enhancement has been mentioned here before, that of
inlined documents either by overloading the <IMG> tag or by
providing an entirely new tag or EFFECT option. Any of these
would be quite useful; the actual mechanics don't make much

The second is to add "none" to the list of options for EFFECT.
This would mean that instead of spawning a new window or
replacing the current document, the new document would be
ignored and the current document would remain in the window.
This would be especially useful for form submission when there
was some other way of determining that the form had been
successfully received, such as when the form submission caused
some other action (sending email or messages, for instance)
which could easily be verified.