Re: Questions on elements/Diffs from old HTML DTD.

Earl Hood (
Wed, 27 Jul 94 15:39:28 CDT

> >
> >What is the reasoning for allowing header elements inside a BLOCKQUOTE
> >element?
> There's no compelling technical argument, but the result of my musings
> on BLOCKQUOTE is that it should have the same content model as BODY.
> That way, anything somebody can put in an HTML BODY, you can quote.
> It seems to make sense to me. Do you have a specific objection?

No, sounds reasonable. I'm just affraid that Web browsers might
not make the distinction. I.e. Should a H1 in a BODY be formatted
the same as in a BLOCKQUOTE?

> ****** When you submit comments, please cite the address/version/date/name
> ****** of the document you're commenting on.

Doh! $Id: html.dtd,v 1.16 1994/06/13 20:55:50 connolly Exp $
I'll get the later version.

> >It would be nice that there existed some sort of "diff" between the
> >newer versions of the HTML DTD from the older versions.
> Have you looked at:
> file:/u/connolly/develop/web/html-spec/ChangeLog
Got a http URL?

> if you follow the links from there, you should always get up-to-date
> stuff.


[list deleted]

> > <textarea rows>
> Yup, that stuff is all new since the HTML 1.3 draft. Neat list too.
> Maybe I should grab these perl ditties and use them myself! (Of course
> I've got my own perl ditties, but you seem to have a lot more time to
> spend enhancing them than I do.)

I used a program whose output is different than the list I gave you,
and just re-editted it. I think I'm getting the motivation to write a
DTD diff program since I already have done the harder work. But as for
time, it is getting lesser and lesser each day.

> > <link name>
> Good catch. I never gave this much thought, though I'm not sad to see
> it go. I do have a test suite -- on the order of 100 documents -- that
> I run every time I make a change to the DTD. In those 100 documents,
> nobody used <link name>. More test documents are always welcome.

I never used it, and don't care that it vanishes. But somebody might.

> Are you volunteering to write this "diff" document? I have nearly run
> out of cycles for editing the HTML document. I am still the editor
> through the publication as an RFC, but I am delegating everything
> now. Other folks are doing the remaining edits (and producing new
> postscript and text versions from HTML), and I am coordinating them.

I thought of it. If I can get a decent DTD diff program written (I
should be able to modify dtd2html to generate a different kind of diff
output that it already does), I'd be willing to generate such a
document. All I need is access to older versions of the DTD.

Thanks for the informative response,