Terje Norderhaug (terjen@rohan.sdsu.edu)
Tue, 14 Mar 1995 12:12:59 -0800

There are quite an amount of unsubscribe messages here...
I have just prototyped a service on the Web that support
tailored form-fillin interfaces for sending administrative
requests to mailing lists, which have the promise of reducing
the numbers of misplaced unsubscribe and subscribe messages.
You can find a demo at:

ListMaster has an authoring page (see bottom of the form) that
can be used to create a hyperlink that builds a tailored ListMaster
for a specific mailing list. May be somebody that knows
the address for administrative requests to this list can create
a ListMaster for www-courseware?

-- Terje (Norderhaug.CHI@xerox.com)