Re: Active list??

Kevin Hughes (kevinh)
Tue, 14 Mar 95 11:27:11 PST

> Bruce Klopfenstein ( writes:
> Is this list actuve?

Yes, this list is still active!
This list (and www-literature) have been hosted at EIT for
over a year now - this list has about 500 members, and www-literature
350, after taking out unknown users, which is pretty good considering
that there hasn't been much traffic - yet.
These lists are not moderated, but I support them and handle
their maintenance. Hypermail archives can be found under:

www-courseware is for discussion of online courseware,
applications and related issues, particularly dealing with the
World-Wide Web. www-literature is for discussion of online
literature, particularly as it exists on the Web. That's it!
These lists are a free and open resource to the general Internet
So, I'll toss out some Yahoo links to start the exploration...

...there is so much out there now, what isn't there to
talk about?
Happy webbing!

-- Kevin

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