Conferencing workshop for Inet teachers

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Wed, 12 Oct 1994 12:04:44 GMT

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Research and Pedagogy in Cyberspace:
A Conferencing Workshop for Teachers
On Using the Internet

NOVEMBER 7-11, 1994

Virtual Online University will be hosting a conference workshop for
teachers and researchers who would like to utilize the vast resources
of the Internet in their teaching and research activities. Specialists
from around the world will direct sessions by e-mail and online which
educators of all levels should find most useful in facilitating their use
of Internet.


A member of the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Board
and an Elementary School Teacher, Bonnie Bracey has been an
outspoken advocate of bringing technology into the classrooms of
American schools.


Just a few of the presenters and their topics:

Joseph Wang, President of the Globewide Network Academy
The Globewide Network Academy - A Vision of Education
for the Early 21st Century.

Eric Crump, University of Missouri
(Net)Rats in the Cathedral: Introducing New
Learning Environments to Old Institutions

Marcus Speh, DESY Hamburg, Germany & GNA
Weaving a World-Wide Web of Education

Robert Donnelly, President of VOU
Internet Resources: It's More Than Furry Rodents,
Spider's Houses and Comic Book Characters --
(Gopher, Web, Archie, Veronica and Jughead)

Michael Bertsch, Dean of Humanities, VOU
Touching the Text: Interactive E-Teaching

George Duckett (Australia)
GENII: An Internet Welcoming Committee for K-12 Teachers

Jeanne McWhorter, Diversity University MOO
MOO's and Educators: Its More Than Just a Game

All sessions will include both e-mail and interactive components; you
will 'attend' from your home. For a complete list of the presentations,
a schedule for the conference and registration information, send a
request to: