(ACCESS) WWW in a Physics Course

Leif Erik Otteraa (Leif.Otteraa@mango.bih.no)
Mon, 5 Sep 1994 15:32:43 GMT+0100

I teach physics and mathematics for engineering students, and I am
now working with a project where I will use WWW as a supplement to
the ordinary classroom teaching. Perhaps someone on this list are
interested in this project?

One major intention with this project is to give not only information
about the course, curriculum etc., but also present the teaching
material in a way that force the student into a learning cycle. I will
use exercises from the text-book, and make step-wise solutions where the
student can receive help/guidance if necessery. I am now in the very
beginning phase of designing the teaching material (exercises).

Unfortunately for most of you, the teaching material is written in the
norwegian language, but I have made an introductory page in english, and
you are welcome to have a look
(http://alm-leo-mac.bih.no/itu/english.html). And another important
thing: I will be glad to receive comments from you (of positive or
negative 'value') I am specially interested in your experiences
regarding the pedagogical value (or limitations?) in WWW. For example:
How can I design the material so that my students are working through
the exercises, and not only 'surfing' through them?

(Another problem will be to give my students sufficient access to the
net, so I will of course rely heavily on traditional classroom teaching

I will appreciate to learn about your experiences.
Thank you.

Leif Erik Otteraa

Leif Erik Otteraa
assistant professor

Bergen College
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email: leif@bih.no
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