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Sat, 22 Jan 1994 07:30:53 -0500

Tom, I agree -- this sounds very good! Maybe we can discuss this week.

We ought to investigate 'collage' sometime -- I keep seeing references to
it (there's one in this announcement).

See ya. Greg

>Greg, we should maybe try to attend this. Tom
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>?NCSA Information Technologies User Conference
>The worldwide use of NCSA Mosaic and other NCSA software has sparked
>interest in a software user conference. In response to that interest,
>the NCSA Software Development Group (SDG) is planning an information
>technologies software user conference with a focus on Mosaic to be
>held sometime in late May or early June, 1994.
>Now is your chance to help determine the topics for that
>conference. SDG is considering including Collage and HDF as well as
>Mosaic topics. Please take a look at the topics listed below and tell
>us which ones would be of interest. Also list any other topics that
>you think would be of use to a number of people. We are interested in
>hearing all of your suggestions.
>Direct all responses to: . We will let you
>know as plans develop. Thanks for your input and please pass this
>request on to others who may be interested.
>Topics under consideration:
>* Future outlooks:
> 1. Where we stand now - current status.
> 2. What is the future of Mosaic?
> 3. What is the future of the network?
> 4. What is the future of cyberspace?
> 5. What should be encouraged in WWW development?
> 6. Who are the communities we should be hearing more from?
> 7. What is the future of HDF and Collage integration?
> 8. What is the future of CIT at NCSA?
>* Interesting applications. Mosaic and WWW use:
> 1. in libraries
> 2. in education
> 3. in medicine
> 4. in business
> 5. in government
> 6. in science
> 7. in arts and humanities
> 8. in ...
>* Tutorials:
> 1. HTML - building documents, advanced users.
> 2. Introduction to Mosaic.
> 3. Advanced features of Mosaic.
> 4. How to move information between
> Gopher/Web/FTP/WAIS...databases, other information sources.
> 5. System administration of Web servers.
> 6. Management of content on Web servers.
>* Special sessions on Mac, MS Windows and X Mosaic users and uses.
>* Day preceding or following the main conference for developer discussions.
>David Stevenson
>Box 1275, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912

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