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?NCSA Information Technologies User Conference

The worldwide use of NCSA Mosaic and other NCSA software has sparked
interest in a software user conference. In response to that interest,
the NCSA Software Development Group (SDG) is planning an information
technologies software user conference with a focus on Mosaic to be
held sometime in late May or early June, 1994.

Now is your chance to help determine the topics for that
conference. SDG is considering including Collage and HDF as well as
Mosaic topics. Please take a look at the topics listed below and tell
us which ones would be of interest. Also list any other topics that
you think would be of use to a number of people. We are interested in
hearing all of your suggestions.

Direct all responses to: . We will let you
know as plans develop. Thanks for your input and please pass this
request on to others who may be interested.

Topics under consideration:

* Future outlooks:
1. Where we stand now - current status.
2. What is the future of Mosaic?
3. What is the future of the network?
4. What is the future of cyberspace?
5. What should be encouraged in WWW development?
6. Who are the communities we should be hearing more from?
7. What is the future of HDF and Collage integration?
8. What is the future of CIT at NCSA?

* Interesting applications. Mosaic and WWW use:
1. in libraries
2. in education
3. in medicine
4. in business
5. in government
6. in science
7. in arts and humanities
8. in ...

* Tutorials:
1. HTML - building documents, advanced users.
2. Introduction to Mosaic.
3. Advanced features of Mosaic.
4. How to move information between
Gopher/Web/FTP/WAIS...databases, other information sources.
5. System administration of Web servers.
6. Management of content on Web servers.

* Special sessions on Mac, MS Windows and X Mosaic users and uses.

* Day preceding or following the main conference for developer discussions.

David Stevenson
Box 1275, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912