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Axel Belinfante (
Sun, 19 Dec 93 15:22:57 +0100

> > This list has been absolutely silent due to some mailing list
> > setup problems. Currently there are over 110 people subscribed to this
> > list; there be be tons of ideas out there...
> >
> > As I see it we have Mosaic/Cello covering a number of platforms, and giving
> > excellent browsing tools which can be configured for coursework.

[Although the list has been silent: i'm new to it, is there an archive?
is there going to be one? (Will it be worth it? :-)]

Ok, to introduce myself:
I'm not very familiar with courseware. I knew of the existence of a
macintosh hypercard course for the language esperanto, and had the
feeling that it should be possible to 'port' it to the Web -
and so i started to do it: to test how far i can get,
and to create a wider audience for the course.

I'm doing the 'port', gradually, with a normal text editor as 'main' tool.
I would be interested in tools that make it easier to translate an
existing hypercard course to HTML.
Note that I'm not _designing_ the course - i'm just porting it:
reformatting it in HTML, and creating 'solutions' for the ISMAP- and
FORM-like hypercard features, to build interactive exercises.

The 'intermediate' result is available at:
An ISMAP application:
A FORM based interactive exercise:
(Sometime in the future these URLs will change into something more 'stable')


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