Re: My 2 grams

Kevin 'Kev' Hughes (kevinh@eit.COM)
Tue, 14 Dec 1993 08:59:52 -0800

I'm forwarding this for Ken Sarkies, who replied to me instead
of the courseware list. For those who know mailing lists, it's currently
set up so automatic replies will be sent to me instead of the list. If I
put "Reply-To:" in the header, will this fix the

-- Kevin

> From: (Professeur)
> Dear Colleagues,
> This list has been absolutely silent due to some mailing list
> setup problems. Currently there are over 110 people subscribed to this
> list; there be be tons of ideas out there...
> Alright! If you insist. I have a few grams worth.
> As I see it we have Mosaic/Cello covering a number of platforms, and giving
> excellent browsing tools which can be configured for coursework. I
> expect to develop
> 1. Hypertext notes with graph/figure/image (of course)
> 2. Simulations for dynamic representation of a system, three dimensional
> representations which can be manipulated (where appropriate)
> 3. Simulation and calculation assistance for student exercises (with
> submission perhaps)
> 4. Possibly short movies (a bit memory and bandwidth hungry though)
> Also there are tools for format conversion to HTML from LaTeX, Word etc.
> So far not a great deal in the way of tools to help us develop applications.
> I guess if we are developing courseware, we don't have much time to
> develop tools. But there are other possibilities - student projects?
> Apart from HTML assisted editors and verification tools, is there perhaps
> a need for a tool to allow graphical representation of the structure of
> a HTML document, and to maintain its structure with verification etc.
> Any suggestions?
> Ken Sarkies
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