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8:30 to 8:50 Wake Up Call from Ted Nelson (1960)
Introduction: Marc Weber, Kevin Hughes
From Hypertext '97 via video link
SCCC Exhibit Hall B/C
9:00 to 10:30 Plenary
SCCC Theater SCCC Room 206 Westin Theater Westin Santa Cruz
11:00 Andries van Dam (1962)
Norm Meyrowitz (1985)
The Web Before the Web:
HES, FRESS and Intermedia
Brewster Kahle (1989)
The Web Before the Web:
WAIS and Indexed Information
Xerox PARC (1988)
The Web Before the Web:
System 33
Wendy Hall (1989)
The Web Before the Web:
11:45 Tim Berners-Lee (1989)
(Robert Cailliau) (1989)
The Web's Inventor
12:30 to 1:45 Lunch
12:50 Lunch with Doug Engelbart (1960)
Introduction: Robert Cailliau
SCCC Exhibit Hall B/C
1:45 Break
SCCC Theater SCCC Room 206 Westin Theater Westin Santa Cruz
2:00 Jean-Francois Groff (1991)
Building the Web
Keith Andrews (1990)
Frank Kappe (1990)
From Hyper-G to HyperWave:
The Evolution of the Hyper-G Project
Pei Wei (1991)
The First Applet Browser:
2:45 Judd Weeks (1992)
Mosaic: The Browser That
Popularized The Web
Kevin Hughes (1993)
Pioneering Sites: The Hawaii Site
Michael Grobe (1992)
An Early History of Lynx
Tom Bruce (1992)
Cello, the First PC Browser
3:30 Break
SCCC Exhibit Hall B/C
4:00 Robert Calliau (1990)
Samba, the First Mac Browser
SCCC Theater SCCC Room 206 Westin Theater Westin Santa Cruz
4:00 Tom Kalil (1993)
Welcome to the White House:
An Interactive Citizens' Handbook
Marty Tenenbaum (1993)
Pioneering Sites: CommerceNet
Dale Dougherty (1993)
Pioneering Sites:
Global Network Navigator
James Pitkow (1994)
Tracking the Web: The History of
Web Demographics and Usage Collection
4:45 Mark Pesce (1994)
Tony Parisi (1994)
From Scrolling to Strolling:
The Birth of VRML
Jon Mittelhauser (1994)
Netscape Navigator:
The Web Goes Commercial
Jeffrey Veen (1994)
Pioneering Sites: The History of
HotWired's Interface
Chris Wilson (1995)
Internet Explorer:
The Browser Wars Begin
5:30 Past and Future Visions - Panel
Introduction: Marc Weber
Panel: Tim Berners-Lee, Doug Engelbart, Brewster Kahle, Pei Wei
Moderator: Marc Weber
SCCC Theater
6:15 Closing and Acknowledgements: Marc Weber, Kevin Hughes, Jenny Raggett, Tim Berners-Lee