Re: Abstract 'VR'

steve (
Thu, 30 Mar 1995 15:17:49 +0000

> The idea is centred around virtual worlds which exist in terms of
> mathematic constructs , algorithms and other mathematical theory.
> The multiple actors and agents who exist in this world are not
> defined as geometric representations of any form , but exist as
> variable mathematical entities which through their changes affect
> and influence the mathematical whole.
> The way in which agents ( either autonomous or user controlled )
> would influence this state affairs would be theoretically unlimited and
> controlled by the client application . An agent might carry out operations
> with reference to some external data source - a data file , a
> communications stream , an audio data stream or even another
> mathematical agent.

> Has anyone else been thinking about this sort of thing in this way , and if so
> are there any mailing lists setup ?

Division's dVS architecture is built around this principle - a group of
collaborating Actors who, together, create and maintain the virtual
world. Actors are written in C, and can therefore do anything you
want- they communicate via a distributed run-time, creating and
updating shared structures that other Actors can respond to.

Perhaps this is the sort of infrastructure you require? If so, it's
available right now. Mail me for more info


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