Re: VR: Art vs. Culture

Gavin Nicol (
Tue, 28 Mar 1995 10:56:58 -0500

>>IMHO... Yes it does any communication between two alien cultures
>>has to be started by common terms of referance, these are usually visual.
>Visual reference is *usual* probably because so much of the human
>brain is dedicated to processing it. It is a very complex activity.
>Smell is actually more evocative to memory and audio is more common
>when dynamic semantic bases are involved.

One thing I often wonder about VRML, is what does it do for
sight-disabled people? I guess this is just an extreme case of the
above differences.

>Like the artisan example, it will develop as the tools become common
>enough for practicioners to fuse the styles. Using text labels is
>one kind of fusion. Audio labels are another. Smell? Oh I hope
>not. |-)

Parisian toilets. Indian marketplaces. Tokyo city streets... I love it