Re: VRML timeline (draft)

Mark Waks (
Tue, 28 Mar 95 09:53:17 EST

Jan posts a first stab at a timeline of the VRML project. A couple
more entries and suggestions, off the top of my head:

June 9, 1994 (I think) -- the VRML mailing list starts off with a
period of absolutely explosive growth, and almost frighteningly
fast discussion. (Hundreds of messages in those first few weeks.)

We might want to put in some ranges for the major phases of the
discussion; for example, put the period when we were debating the
language to serve as the base for VRML, or the survey period for
deciding on the functionality of VRML 1.0. Not exactly milestones,
but important to understanding the flow of the evolution here.

(And tooting my own horn a bit) June 17, 1994 -- I suggest that we
switch names over to "Virtual Reality Modeling Language" (the original
having been "Virtual Reality Markup Language"), which stuck. (Message
204 in the archive.)

-- Justin
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the project...

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