Re: Some Questions About VRML

Mark Waks (
Mon, 27 Mar 95 16:44:17 EST

On Len's question:
> Thank you for sharing your ideas. They are
> refreshing. What *worlds* will you create
> with your systems?

Personally, I'm probably going to worry less about the graphics than
about the potential utilities. (That's just the way I think.)
Possible subjects include:

Thinking about appropriate and intuitive ways to put up the various
material I've already got (ie, how best to hook textual material into
these worlds)...

VRMUDs, which I see as one of the potential killer apps once the
bandwidth gets up a bit. (Not that this should require mega-bandwidth;
my suspicion is that we can do a *competent* VRMUD with a little
cleverness plus ISDN-grade bandwidth on the user side. Maybe even less.)

Thinking about how this stuff can be used productively for education,
a field I'm starting to get involved with. In particular, can VRML
be used as an enabler for younger kids? Maybe; we'll see...

Can VRML, and VR in general, be used to make an intuitive general
computer interface? Now *there's* a cool question, which I haven't
seen explored much. Based on the evolution I'm now seeing towards
DWIM interfaces, I suspect it can...

Puzzling through how to make this interface really hum, and
particularly working on what interactivity will be appropriate. (I'd
say that people are only starting to *really* grok how to use HTML --
the *only* store on the Web that I would say has really "gotten it"
yet is CDNow!. It's going to take some experimentation to figure out
the best client/server communications for making this world really

Generally, exploring how this medium can enhance communication, of
all sorts. In my book, that's really what the game is all about...

-- Justin
Who has never found dreaming small to
be especially productive...

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