Re: Some Questions About VRML

Claude L. Bullard (
Mon, 27 Mar 1995 14:00:20 -0500

Since Mr. Park's original post was to the list, I am replying
to the list. Further discussion should go offline
to meet the moderator's desire that the list remain
on a technical track.

[Brian Vandellyn Park]

| What we pay attention to determines the quality of our lives -
| the rest is noise. We have to integrate all three spaces.

Most interesting post.

Some years ago when debating the advent of this
technology in college (mid Seventies), I used *magic*
to define it because magic has an interesting concept
for attention. Two types of magic are defined:

o Misdirected Attention: getting the audience
to look elsewhere so they will not see the trick.

o Directed attention: getting the audience to
look somewhere so they will see the trick.

Real magic is of the second type and can
only be achieved by individuals looking within their
own consciousness.

Virtual reality is of the first kind. We may debate
the concurrency of the *spaces*, but the VR spaces
are just reflections.

Evolution of a species is a result of the
attempt to control the environment which
controls the species. This is self-selected
evolution based on the concept of closed-loop
feedback-mediated adaptation. All well and good,
but the desire to choose is all important and the
ability to choose the results is never certain.

It may be that we will not see ourselves in the
pool. As with modern advertising, we only
see that which others wish to direct us to or
away from. One chooses from the offerings
and thus, self-selects the evolution of one's own reflection.

It is not the light but that which is illumined that
is important. There is only emptiness and
illusion in the void.

Thank you for sharing your ideas. They are
refreshing. What *worlds* will you create
with your systems?

Len Bullard