Re: E.Cafe LA / User's poll

[ Davey ] (
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 16:24:58 -0500 (EST)

> Yes, and try to butter up Mark at the same time.

Heh. Impossible - his ego is uninflatable! ;-) Hm... Rethinking
your response... Why would I want to butter him up? (trying
to think of a reason...)

> There are a few that have been mentioned: WaxWeb, etc.

I know of all of the announced ones, I'm hunting for how many
people are just doing it.

> > - How many of you actually *have* a LAB browser? (of course,
> > this may be exactly the same group.)
> No one can answer that right now...

Hm? Why's that?

> > - Is anyone out there using the 3D Studio->VRML converter?
> Which one???

How many are there?? Geesh, I'm out of it. Last time I checked,
there was only 1, and it wasn't working well.

> > - Is time *actually* running backwards?
> No, that is an effect of your sampling rate. It has been accellerating and
> your
> sampling rate has remained constant, this gives you the impression that it
> is
> moving backwards.

Aaahhh... <adjusting rate ---skreeetchhh!> Yikes!! There we go.
Much better, thanks.

[ d*b ]