Re: Some Questions About Thinking

Andrew C. Esh (
Fri, 24 Mar 1995 14:44:30 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 24 Mar 1995, Jon Russell wrote:

> Doesn't a visual representation of an object over come cultural and language
> problems by being language independent ??
> .. Just my 2 peneth ... (2 cents for the Americans !!)
> :-)
> Jon.

YES! Exactly! You don't have to speak English to understand what it means
to watch the sun rise, for example. That's what I tried to say, anyway.
That's also why I'm so evangelistic about VRML. We NEED this so we can
understand each other better! Look how badly email is doing the job here.
We're all confused.

Everyone's so wrapped up in what they think is me being a bigot that they
have stopped listening to me. Yes let's support ideogramatical languages,
but let's bog down in it. Let's build the Mosaic of VRML and then let
them (those who use such languages) come to use and show us (those who
can develop VRML systems) how to make it work right for them.

(I am receiving a lot of flak for my use of the words "us" and "them" to
the point that I am beginning to think I am being deliberately

Oh well. Electrons are cheap.

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