RE: Some Questions About VRML

Claude L. Bullard (
Thu, 23 Mar 1995 17:56:27 -0500


| Ultimately, there's an element of faith here...

A well put and positive answer to my questions. Thank you for
your time and the hope you express. These practices
are very likely going to bring that which you dream of
into being. I shall study more and look forward to being
a tinkerer in this virtual world. Yes, many have dreamed
this dream for some years. A new art form, a new way
to communicate, a new source of fun, and ultimately,
a richer understanding of things. This evolution is
as deChardin expressed it: the realization of higher levels
of consciousness. Well, I am too poetic here, but somewhere
in my old memory, there once was a summer... we dreamed such
things then too. So glad to know the time may yet come.
I have this idea about a ... another time. Thanks.

len bullard