EVENT: VRML at LA VR SIG 23 March 1995

Mark D. Pesce (mpesce@netcom.com)
Wed, 22 Mar 1995 20:24:43 -0800

For those of you in the Los Angeles area: Tony Parisi (co-author of the VRML
specification) and I have been invited to the Los Angeles Virtual Reality
Special Interest Group, on Thursday night to talk about VRML and preview our
freeware VRML browser, "Labyrinth".

The LA VR SIG is held at the Electronic Cafe, 1649 18th Street, in Santa
Monica. It starts at 7:30 PM, and admission is $10. For more information,
call 310.828.8732

For those of you not in the Los Angeles area, the event is being "cybercast"
using CUSeeMe. The reflector port number is

Hope to see you there.


Mark D. Pesce
General Partner,
The Community Company * 415.621.1981 * tcc@net.org